Girls on the Air Waves - Episode 5 - The Role of Government in Curbing Gender-Based Violence


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Girls on the Air Waves - Episode 2 - Emotional, Physical & Psychological Effects of Gender-Based Violence


Girls on the Air Waves - Episode 1 - Gender-Based Violence


The project, 'Girls on the Air Waves: A Digital Action to End Violence Against Girls and Women' is aimed at advancing girls voices to advocate for an end to violence against girls. Girls Voices Initiative has led various initiatives to educate girls about their rights as enshrined in the Child Rights Act, 2003 and the girls are speaking out about rights violations that they have experienced in order to learn about how to take action if they (or their peers) are faced with any violence situation.  Over 70 million people were reached in 8 days with the message of Ending GBV against women and girls! The girls rights movement is getting stronger! 30 girls on the radio. 8 episodes. Reaching over 8 million people per episode. That's the impact when girls decide to advocate for their own issues. This project, implemented with support from the Canadian High Commission and the French Embassy seeks to empower adolescent girls to lead a radio series to sensitize the public about the menace of gender-based violence and the need to strengthen implementation of the Child Rights Act to better protect girls from gender-based violence and other rights violations affecting girls in Nigeria. The purpose of the project is the promotion of civic engagement and public participation on ending violence against girls. The girls will be facilitated to host a radio series discussing issues of violence against girls and targeting influencers and stakeholders that can be reached via radio. The radio series aired over the period of the annual 16 Days of Activism on Ending Violence against Girls and Women from Nov. 25- Dec 10, 2018. The radio platform enabled the girls to engage public spaces and discourses on gender-based violence, and present a summary of the recently concluded research the girls conducted on the subject and findings from the sessions on key gender issues affecting adolescents in Nigeria. And the girls can share their perspectives and inspire the desired change in societal behaviours and attitudes and mobilize community action towards the protection of girls' rights.

Extended project activities included the project kick-off event to mark the International Day on the Elimination of Violence Against Girls and Women and a closing event to mark the International Human Rights Day 2018 targeting a wide group of influencers including adolescent girls, diplomatic missions, celebrities, civil society, and the government. The events feature presentations by the girls including panel discussions, songs, poems, and the like. 

The strength of the project is the joint cooperation of the Canadian High Commission and the French Embassy with Girls Voices Initiative to provide girls with a platform to make their voices count at a timely season where global action is taken to end violence against girls and women. This is how we position girls as active voices leading their own advocacy and supporting global initiatives to protect the rights of girls and women and end violence against them.


  1. To join global initiatives towards the 16 Days Action to End Violence Against Girls and Women
  2. To provide an enabling environment where adolescent girls can effectively challenge stakeholders and champion advocacy for girls' rights
  3. To support and strengthen ongoing efforts to influence the implementation of the Child Rights Act, 2003
  4. To mobilize community and global action towards girls' rights advancement and an end to violence against girls


  1. Kick-off Event to mark the commencement of 16 Days of Action Activities
  2. Radio series to create awareness and highlight issues of gender-based violence in honour of the 16 Days of Action
  3. Event to celebrate the International Human Rights Day 2018