Girls Voices Initiative is empowerment by girls, through girls, and for girls! We call it the “Girl Domino” - an empowerment system that creates a multiplier effect with the sole aim of connecting, strengthening, and amplifying girls’ voices for positive impact in their communities.  We provide safe and engaging platforms for adolescent girls to tell their stories and inspire other girls so they can amplify their voices on issues affecting them and make their voices count. Essentially, we build girl leaders who build and support other girls so that girls train girls and tell other girls' stories. 

We have reached over 63,000 Girls in Nigeria with our Girls' Rights Campaign! Want to add to this number?
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Tech Tackle 2019 Theme:
Promoting Peaceful and Inclusive Societies for Sustainable Development, Providing Access to Justice for All and Building Effective, Accountable and Inclusive Institutions at All Levels
The countdown begins to the unveiling of the innovative tech solutions at the Girls Hackathon for Justice!  
45 school girls from 9 school teams pitch their innovative technology solutions across selected challenges under UNODC's Hackathon for Justice Initiative including: Counter Terrorism, Human Trafficking, Transnational Organized Crime, Corruption (Blowing the Whistle on Dirty Players), Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, and Corruption (Inscribe the Bribe - an iReport solution to stop bribery). The girls teams will each pitch their technology solutions to these challenges at a competition event where the winning teams will be selected by an expert panel of judges and will be awarded. 
Tech Tackle is a coding boot camp and hackathon program teaching adolescent girls design thinking, coding and research so they can use the skills to innovate tech solutions to critical social issues affecting children, particularly girls.
Girls Voices Initiative launches the Tech Tackle 2019 program in support of the Education for Justice (E4J) Initiative of the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime (UNODC), to host the ‘Girls Hackathon 4 Justice’ and explore technology solutions to the prescribed challenges of UNODC's Hackathon for Justice program. The Tech Tackle Program has trained 50 adolescent girls in design thinking skills, coding skills, and research skills. Learn more...

SWAG Through Empowerment

Supporting Women And Girls Through Empowerment (SWAG Through Empowerment), is a project funded by Mundo Cooperante; which targets survivors of early marriages in Northern Nigeria. Women in the North-East, North-West and North-Central are being empowered with sewing skills and Empowerment workshops. They will be supported to start their fashion businesses once they finish their training and they are each responsible for introducing 5 girls from their communities. Through this singular step, these ambassadors will rid their local communities of early marriage of girls.


Over 70 million people reached in 8 days with the message of Ending GBV against women and girls! The girls rights movement is getting stronger! 30 girls on the radio. 8 episodes. Reaching over 8 million people per episode. That's the impact when girls advocate for their own issues.

Listen to episodes of 'Girls on the Air Waves' as girls led discussions on ending gender-based violence.

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Girls on the Air Waves: A Digital Action Campaign to End Violence Against Girls and Women #16Days #GirlsOnTheAirWaves #GoW

Mobilizing Community Action to End Violence Against Girls and Women #16Days #GoW #16DaysOfActivism 

#GirlsOnTheAirWaves is a digital action campaign implemented by Girls Voices Initiative (with support from the Canadian High Commission and the French Embassy) providing adolescent girls with a radio platform through which they can channel their learning to create awareness and mobilize community action to end violence against girls and women. The project, 'Girls on the Air Waves: A Digital Action Campaign to End Violence Against Girls and Women', is focused on a radio discussion series led by the girls to strengthen girls' rights advocacy and demand for the protection of girls' rights and girls' safety from all forms of violence ... Learn more

Girl Summit 2018: Celebrating the International Day of the Girl #IDG2018

Advancing Girls' Voices and Rights #IDG2018 #GirlSummit2018

Girls Voices Initiative (with support from the Global Fund for Women) hosted Nigeria's girls to a memorable celebration of the International Day of the Girl 2018 with the Girl Summit 2018 event. 126 adolescent girl delegates interacted with 76 stakeholders from government agencies, civil society, development partners, diplomatic missions, and the media, to engage the theme, 'Advancing Girls Voices and Rights to End Child Marriage, End Gender-Based Violence and Promote Girls Education'. Girls Voices Girl Leaders led remarkable presentations and engaged civil society organisations and the police on taking action in situations of gender-based violence. The girls also engaged political party leaderships to demand their Girl Agenda for 2019-2023. Learn more

Tech Girls Advocacy Program #TGAP  

We just closed the Technology gap with 200 more girls! #TGAP

Girls Voices Initiative (with support from Canadian High Commission in Nigeria) reached more girls with our Tech Girls Advocacy Program (#TGAP) in the Project, 'Strengthening Girls Rights' Advocacy Through Technology Skills Training Workshops for Girls and an Advocacy Exhibition Event with Policy Makers and Stakeholders'. Public school girls were trained in digital literacy skills and facilitated to explore technology-driven advocacy through coding, digital art/illustration, and research writing.  The girls advocate Ending Child Marriage,Ending Gender-Based Violence, and Promoting Girls Education. Learn more

 Follow The Leader #SheCANLead

#SheCANLead is a campaign launched by the Canadian High Commission where the High Commissioners in various missions across Africa, follow girl leaders on their leadership journeys in a reverse mentorship relationship. In Nigeria, Girls Voices Initiative was chosen to implement the activities to launch the Campaign in the Country. Girls Voices Girl Leader, Wadi Ben-Hirki was followed by the High Commissioner on an exciting week of activities with girls in various communities. Learn more...

Tech Girls Advocacy Program #TGAP

Girls Voices Initiative (with support from Global Fund for Women) launched the Tech Girls Advocacy Program (#TGAP) in the Project, 'Exploring Technology, Media And Arts As Tools To Promote Girl Advocacy'. 50 public school girls were trained in digital literacy skills and facilitated to explore technology-driven advocacy through coding, digital art/illustration, photography, film making, and creative writing. Check out the website they created  which presents an overview of the project and other outputs and resources from the project: The girls advocate Ending Child Marriage,Ending Gender-Based Violence, and Promoting Girls Education. Learn more... 

Empowering Girls to Advocate for their rights  #AGREE

Girls Voices Initiative (with support from the Canadian High Commission) is empowering school girls to advocate for their rights. We plan to reach a minimum of 10,000 girls by February 2017. Using the hashtag - #AGREE (All Girls Rights Equal Empowerment), we plan to have thousands of Ambassadors who will take this movement out of control! We have conducted surveys to  assess girls' knowledge of their rights and we have held a couple of workshops to educate girls about their rights as enshrined in the Child Rights Act, 2003 and the 1999 Nigerian Constitution. The girls were facilitated to produce the first ever Girls' Rights Instructional Video and we have expanded the space for girls to explore their creativity to advance their advocacy for their right and this is visible in the song, 'WE ARE' written and performed by an amazing student, Deborah, whose inspiration for the song was birth at our workshop event. Girls are empowering themselves with their rights! Do you #AGREE? Watch the Girls' Rights Instructional Video and the Girls' Rights Anthem, 'WE ARE' below:

#MakeGirlsVoicesCount: A Digital Action Campaign by Girls Voices Initiative

This digital action campaign titled, 'Make Girls Voices Count', seeks to transform girls perception of themselves and their stories by amplifying their voices using radio and social media and providing the skills to empower them. We are mobilizing community action towards girls empowerment through radio call-ins and social media engagement. How can you participate? Share a girls story with us....more
Listen to Sikemi's story here 


Girls Voices Initiative is launching the #SupportHerEnterprise.

#SHE as a digital action campaign to promote the enterprises of young women in Nigeria. The aim is to mobilize community support for women's enterprises. How do you #SupportHerEnterprise? Share the promotional videos of these women entrepreneurs on social media, look out for these women's products and services and purchase or engage them, and donate resources to them to help them grow their business ventures. #SHE